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Download the new version of NanoSimulator 1.9. NanoSimulator 1.9 covers five different simulations in the field of nanoscience. All simulations run locally on your computer, no internet connections is needed. The sourcode of the simulations is open source and published under:


Get an insight into a real nanoscience laboratory. Observe the scientific infrastructure. See a scanning force microscope under ultra high vacuum conditions with complex control electronics. Start the panorama

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Chemistry, physics and biology unite to nanoscale science on the length scale of the nanometer, the order of magnitude of the atoms and molecules. The virtual Nanoscience laboratory is based on a problem-orientated and co-operative learning basis with four interactive experiments. Students receive a current view of different fields of the nanoscale sciences. Enter the lab


The tool Image3Dsupports the 3D visualization of a three-dimensional relief representation from graphic data. The computation is interactive and required neither expert knowledge nor special software. Users can upload their 2d images from raster probe microscopes to Image3D. The intuitive Web interface lets the users choose individual color representation and perspective. Image3D


First demonstration (April 2002) of the virtual nanoscience laboratory: The specific subject contents of the learning basis are elaborated in close co-operation with the newly established National Center of Competence and Research in nanoscale sciences in Basle. The development of virtual basis establishes a new era of didactics and methods. Europe is setting out onto the eLearning age; Swiss Virtual Campus is a pioneering program and makes an important contribution to the education in the 21st century. Demonstration

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