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   Image3D, 3D Visualization

The toolImage3D supports the 3D visualization of a three-dimensional relief representation from graphic data. The computation is interactive and required neither expert knowledge nor special software.

Gold atoms on a KBR surface
measured by L. Zimmerli at the university Basel

Nano-Switzerland, Size 9.10 x 7.30 nm
measured by M. Bammerlin at the university Basel,

Low Teperature Scanning Force Microscopy of the Si(111)7x7 surface
measured by M. Lantz at the university Basel,
Lantz & Hug et al., Phys. Rev. Lantz & Hug et al., Phys. Rev. Lett Lett. 84, 2642 (2000)

Radiation damage in KBr
Size 4.86 x 4.86 nm
measured by R. Bennewitz at the university Basel,
R. Bennewitz et al., Surf. Sci. 474(2001)

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