Tomlinson Movie
Macroscopic Friction
The law of Leonardo (da Vinci)
The law of Euler and Amontons
The law of Coulomb
Historical abstract
Adhesion models
Friction Force Microscopy
Principle of measuring
Measuring Topology
Measuring Friction
Both Channels
Self assessment
Tomlinson's mechanism
Phenomenology I
Phenomenology II
Mechanical adiabaticity
Distinguish positions
Playing Tomlinson
Friction - a pinning problem
2D Friction
Critical Curves
Historical Background
Research Projects
Simulator Applet
The first Picture
The Panels
Post processing

2D Friction


In two dimensions the Tomlinson mechanism becomes much more complicated. The tip may take a totally different path then the support. However, certain informations can be calculated easily.

Here symmetry plays an important role. Anne Tanguy and Philippe Roux studied the behaviour of hysteresis of two tips by meeting each other. They choose a rotationally symmetric potential which represents a single tip on the below solig. In general, there is no instability for isotropic bonds The only exeption are grid lines which cross the pivot. Because of symmetry the system behaves like the Tomlinson Model with one dimension.

  Friction - a pinning problem                  Critical Curves

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