Tomlinson Movie
Macroscopic Friction
The law of Leonardo (da Vinci)
The law of Euler and Amontons
The law of Coulomb
Historical abstract
Adhesion models
Friction Force Microscopy
Principle of measuring
Measuring Topology
Measuring Friction
Both Channels
Self assessment
Tomlinson's mechanism
Phenomenology I
Phenomenology II
Mechanical adiabaticity
Distinguish positions
Playing Tomlinson
Friction - a pinning problem
2D Friction
Critical Curves
Historical Background
Research Projects
Simulator Applet
The first Picture
The Panels
Post processing

Research Projects


The following links lead to current research projects on friction and nano science in general.
  • NCCR National Competence Center on Nanosciences
    Abstract: Nanoscale Science as a National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR) is a long-term interdisciplinary research effort focusing on nanoscale structures and aiming to provide new impact and ideas for the life sciences, for the sustainable use of resources, and for information and communications technologies. Within the NCCR, the University of Basel has the role of a leading house, maintaining a network of university institutes, federal research institutes and industrial partners in which scientists from a wide variety of disciplines work closely together.
  • Dr. Roland Bennewitz
    Abstract: Dr. Roland Bennewitz works in the group of Prof. H.-J. GŁntherodt. On his page you will find a bibliography with papers on atomic friction and scanning probe microscopy.
  • The group of Prof. H.-J. GŁntherodt
    Abstract: Here you find information on the research group of Prof. H.-J. GŁntherodt.
  • ESF Scientific Program "Nanotribology (NATRIBO)"
    Abstract: The aim of the ESF program "Nanotribology (NATRIBO)" is to improve the collaborations between experimentalists and theoreticians in the field of tribology on the nanometer scale.
    Abstract: EUCOR Nanoscience is a project to facilitate the mobility of students in the field of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.
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